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Promoting greater wellbeing through compassionate touch.

********    CLOSED    *********

Thank you for your interest in massage and bodywork and for visiting my website. I've permanently closed my practice in Carmichael, CA and am now living in Asheville, NC. 


If you have an unused gift certificate, please contact me.

If you're looking for other massage therapists to work with, please reach out and I'll provide a referral.

I appreciate all the trust and support given to me while practicing in Carmichael. I enjoyed being of service in this community and getting to work with so many people regularly.


If I decide to pursue massage in Asheville NC, I'll update you here. 

Thank you and best wishes,



Joann (Jody) Wetherill, MBA, CMT

CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist #57094

Reiki Master Practitioner

(916) 572-5117

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