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Integrated Massage                   Reiki                     Acupressure 
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Save 10% with a pre-paid package of 4 sessions.

This is a nice option if you receive regular sessions or need frequent visits to begin addressing chronic pain or injury recovery. Purchase in person or, for your convenience, invoices can be sent via email for secure online payment. Please contact me with purchase requests.




Service Descriptions:

  • Integrated Massage*

  30 Minute Session - $  45

  60 Minute Session - $  85

  90 Minute Session - $125

120 Minute Session - $160

*Formerly offered as either Swedish or Deep Tissue and now combined into a blended, integrated massage session.

Blending the classic Swedish gliding and kneading strokes with more slower, targeted theraputic deep tissue techniques to create a custom massage session based on the tension levels and needs of your body. Sessions are tailored to be as relaxing or as deeply targeted as you'd prefer.


For pre-natal clients, side lying and semi-reclined positions are used and you're welcome to bring in your own body pillow. 


Oil or lotion is used directly on the skin and professional draping is used to cover the body, with only the portion of the body being worked undraped. I’ll work with you during each session to tailor the pressure from light to firm, depending on your preference.


Photos courtesy of ABMP

  • Reiki

           30 Minute Session - $ 45

          60 Minute Session - $ 75

          90 Minute Combo - $115  (60 Min Integrated Massage + 30 Min Reiki)

        120 Minute Combo - $155  (90 Min Integrated Massage + 30 Min Reiki)

        Distance Reiki - 30 Minute - $45 (Recipient receives remotely)


Reiki is an Eastern energy healing art that originated in Japan in the early 1900’s. Rei means spiritual wisdom and ki means energy, so Reiki means spiritual energy.* It does not involve the movement of soft tissue or muscle but is often described as deeply relaxing and restorative.

Anyone of any age, religion or health status can benefit from Reiki, even newborn and pre-natal babies or people at the end of life can benefit from the relaxation that Reiki provides.*

Reiki energy can not harm and compliments other treatment plans and medications. It can easily be incorporated into other massage styles but feels fantastic to receive as a dedicated session.

Reiki is especially helpful for those challenged with anxiety, insomnia, depression and PTSD. I've been volunteering my Reiki services to the Veteran's Center on Howe Avenue since 2016 and my colleagues and I receive consistently positive feedback from the recipients and their respective counselors. 

Here are some terms used to describe Reiki:*


Gentle - Reiki's touch is soft and light.

Harmless - Reiki can have only positive results.

Healing - The highest level of healing is the goal of Reiki.

Balancing - Reiki will balance your energy levels.

Relaxing - The top reason to try Reiki is to feel the bliss of deep relaxation.

Energizing - If you're drained of energy, Reiki will revive you.

Each person senses the Reiki energy differently and each session is unique. While receiving, some people sense energy moving within their bodies, some feel temperature changes under my hands, some feel emotions moving through, some see colors or images, some drift off into a dream like journey, some go to sleep and some people don't sense anything noticeable. Even if you don't feel Reiki energy, it still works.* 

Reiki can be received in person or remotely. If you are new to receiving Reiki, I recommend receiving in person first in order to best experience the energy and be able to give each other immediate feedback. If you are familiar with energy work or meditation, remote sessions offer flexibility to receive when you are not able to come in to the studio. This is often a nice option for hospital support before, during or after procedures.

In-person sessions: You'll remain clothed during the session, removing shoes, belt and large jewelry. For a combined session with Reiki following Integrated Massage, the client remains on the table fully draped during the Reiki portion. I'll place my hands lightly on or just above your body, inviting this healing energy to flow through me into you.  It is called a healing art because I use both traditional hand placements as well as listening to my intuition on where next to place my hands.

Remote sessions: I'll coordinate a date and time with you just like an in-person session. Allow yourself a space to receive that is quiet and uninterrupted. It's nice to allow yourself time before and afterwards to relax versus rushing in and out of the session. You may add music, essential oils, eye masks, PJs or whatever creates a comfy restful space in which to receive. You may receive lying down or in a supportive chair. Create a space in which you can fully let go and focus on your breath. Before the session, we'll discuss and agree to work on specific needs or allow a general wellness session. Afterwards, if you'd like, we can schedule time to chat by phone, video, text or email to exchange information about the experience. 

* Shared from Reiki Master Nina Paul PhD's Reiki for Dummies. This book is a great resource for learning more about Reiki, to include what to expect during a session, how to select a practitioner or teacher and the amazing benefit of Reiki self-care. I don't receive any compensation from this referral but find it's a helpful resource I return to often. 

  • Acupressure

90 Minute Session - $115


Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and practiced for thousands of years, Acupressure uses pressure received from the fingers, hands and forearms pressed on designated acupoints on the body to help open and balance the flow of universal life energy (chi, qi). This holistic healing art incorporates the physical body and the energetic body, helping to balance mind, body, emotions and spirit. It is said that if there are no blocks in the flow of universal life energy, there is no pain.


I practice an active style of Acupressure called Tui Na (prononuced Tway -Nah) that uses a balance of Yin (restorative) and Yang (energizing) hand movements combined with range of motion movements. Tui Na has a rocking and rolling compressive feel and actively opens the body’s energy pathways. Once the energy pathways are flowing more freely, I shift into a more quiet form of Acupressure based in the Jin Shin style. This portion of the session is a gentle and quiet holding of various acupoints, encouraging the body to balance and regulate itself. Although quiet, this portion of the session can often have the most transformative results towards balancing energy flow.


The session is 90 minutes with approximately 45-60 minutes being the active Tui Na and the balance of the session being quite point holds.


The recipient remains clothed during the session.  No oils or lotions are applied to the skin. Comfortable, flexible pants and tops that allow easy movement are preferred.

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